Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Poem and A Picture :: Nest

Fine Art Photography by EAGMe on

Phoebe. Spring Nesting

It would be easier if I could have a conversation—
explain myself to you, phoebe.
You, who have inhabited our joists (or are they yours
by squatter’s rights?) for so very many years.

What I want to say is, simply, I mean you no harm.
I will go out of my way to ensure your safety, that your nest
is undisturbed, that when I pass you needn’t fly away.

I admire you. You exhibit characteristics beyond rebuke.
You are an example of selfless living, devoted, as you are, to your brood.
Your manner is mild, your athletic ability magical,
as you swoop and snap yet another tiny fly for your babes.

Most of all, it is your endurance that I admire—
not only the day by day effort you display, but the year by year.
I will tread softly, and I will watch you for another year. Lord willing.


GUGAW said...

lovely picture and such a sweet poem x

Anonymous said...

Great poem, I love the pic. I think one of the simplest pleasures in life is to watch birds and especially take a quick peek at their nests. It's so peaceful and inspiring.